Reedy Fork Farm Organic Feed

george teague and familyReedy Fork Farm is a certified organic dairy farm. The beautiful 600 acre farm, located just outside of Greensboro, NC is owned and operated by the George Teague family and George‚Äôs father Franklin. Franklin started the dairy in 1950. We have been certified organic since 2007. We do not use GMO’s, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or herbicides. We believe it all starts from the ground up. We work for our soils, cows, and products to be in harmony with nature.

We milk around 100 Holstein and Holstein/Jersey cross cows. We pride ourselves on high quality, delicious organic milk. We believe the wonderful taste come from our cows rotationally grazing on lush green pastures.

Our farming journey has carried us full circle. We feel we are doing our part for the earth, the cows, our children, and others. This makes us happy!

We are a member of Organic Valley Co-op. Our milk is sold under the Organic Valley Label in grocery stores. We sell our organic beef and custom organic animal feed off the farm.

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