Backyard Chickens: Are They for You?

backyard chickens
In a perfect world, a family would live off the land, harvesting needed crops from the field, gathering eggs from the hens’ nests….and…and…Okay, we don’t live in a perfect world, but a growing number of individuals have started keeping backyard chickens for their eggs.

Have you thought about keeping chickens? Do you feel removed from food production for your family? Do your children think the grocery store is the natural habitat for all the foods they eat?

If you’ve thought of the possibility, take a moment and look over a few good reasons to bring chickens home to roost:

1. Eggsellent nutrition at your back door. Not only are they richer in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, organic eggs taste far better than the ones that come off the shelf of your local grocery. Find out for yourself how fresh eggs taste when you bring them from your backyard to your kitchen’s skillet. They even look different on the inside: yolks tend to be more orange than pale yellow.

2. Yes to organic. When you feed your hens a good diet that includes Reedy Fork’s organic chicken feed, you’re assured of the organic quality of the eggs you’re family eats.

3. Sustaining satisfaction. Maybe you’re not ready to produce everything your family eats, but keeping backyard chickens that provide you with fresh eggs is a substantial step.

4. Chicken in the grass.
Who doesn’t want a low maintenance yard? A few chickens in the yard mean natural pest control – they eat anything that bugs them. And then they freely fertilize your grass. Since they also eat grass, you’ll mow a bit less.

5. Pecking order. Remember how people bag leaves, weeds and grass clippings and take them to the curb? With a chicken or two on the loose, you can rely on the chickens to eat and break down your yard extras in a short time.

6. Born free from the factory. If you’ve ever visited or researched commercial poultry farms, you know that chickens in your backyard would live far better lives than industrially housed hens.

7. Boast about your compost. Chickens provide a couple ingredients for great compost: egg shells and chicken poo, adding rich nutrients to your mix.

Then again, chickens may not be for you. Next time, we’ll talk about reasons why raising backyard chickens might not be the thing for you.

Should you decide to bring hens home to roost, don’t forget to also bring home Reedy Fork Farm’s organic chicken feed. It’s what all the best backyard chickens are eating! Place your order here.

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